Finding Beauty In Your Boundaries

What if your limitations were, in fact, your greatest gift?

This will be a balm to Christians who feel overextended

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If you often run out of time, energy, or opportunities before you run out of need, Sara Hagerty invites you to see with new eyes how your limitations can become a pathway to God’s abundant beauty.



Barbara Rainey

Author; artist; mom to 6; “Mimi” to 27

Even before I read the first word of The Gift of Limitations I began recommending it; all because I know Sara. Her vocabulary reminds me of my mentor and hero, Elisabeth Elliot, who also used the words “surrender,” “loss,” and “gift.” Like her, Sara has walked through deep waters, and by not rushing ahead, has discovered more of God in the murky darkness. This book is an invitation to live in the messiness of losses and to find there the surprising joy of Immanuel, God with you, giving you gifts in your limitations. Like Sara, this book is a rich, deep well. Be fed. Be nourished.

Stasi Eldredge

Bestselling author, Captivating

Written with vulnerable honesty and hard-won wisdom, Sara Hagertys beautiful book, The Gift of Limitations, unpacks the hopeful reality that our hearts can rest, and even come alive, within the boundaries around them. Sara unpacks the uncomfortable truth that all our lives have limitations, and it is within them that we are invited to honestly come to God and there flourish in his love. I personally love this book and am so deeply encouraged by what it unveils.

Susan Alexander Yates

Speaker; blogger; bestselling author, Risky Faith; The One Devotional; Cousin Camp

If you think you are the only one frustrated by limitations; if you struggle with fear of failure; if you are tired of trying to make sense of life; if you long for a deeper comprehension of Gods love; GRAB this book. This book is a deep journey into a rich understanding of Gods personal love for you and me. As Sara exclaims, For a minute I felt His hand more than I felt my fear.

Alexa PenaVega

Actress; Author; Producer

After reading part one of Saras book I sat and wept. Finally—words to feelings that I have not been able to describe. This book has been healing, eye-opening, and such a blessing to my life. We all NEED to read this book.

Phylicia Masonheimer

Founder and CEO, Every Woman a Theologian

If you find yourself wishing things were like they used to be, longing for what could have been, or hoping for a change in what lies ahead, Saras is the voice you need. She puts words to the inner cry of a burdened heart, articulating what we all know but cant accept: we are limited, and we wish we werent. The Gift of Limitations will lift your eyes to the goodness of the boundaries we didnt choose and show you how to live fully behind your fences.

Jeannie Cunnion

Bestselling author, Mom Set Free and Don’t Miss Out

Through masterful storytelling, Sara helps us see how a limitation is actually an invitation to experience God’s presence and provision in a profound way.

After reading this beautiful book, you will no longer see the constraints in your life as things that grievously hold you back, but rather as gifts that graciously hold you within the boundary lines of God’s best for you. Sara shows us it is truly possible to embrace our limitations and live freely and fully in God’s love within them.

Lisa Jacobson

Founder, Club31Women

With a deft and discerning hand, Sara Hagerty uses beautiful prose to paint for us the landscape of our lives. Which of us could honestly say that our days are not filled with the stuff we would never choose for ourselves? And yet, Sara gently helps us view life’s roadblocks, setbacks, heartbreaks, and hardships—our limitations—from the Divine perspective. No matter your challenges or season of life, I believe you’ll find new hope and genuine encouragement throughout The Gift of Limitations. It certainly deeply impacted me.

Jodie Berndt

Bestselling author, Praying the Scriptures series

What would it look like to believe—truly believe—that the boundary lines of your life have fallen in pleasant places? With the wisdom of a seasoned tour guide and the empathy of a trusted friend, Sara Hagerty takes us by the hand and shows us how to exchange our thoughts and ideals for God’s so that, instead of being a burden, our limitations become a wonder—a wonder-full part of our stories! Sara is one of the most gifted writers of our day, and The Gift of Limitations is the transformational book your soul has been longing to read.

Alyssa Bethke

Author, Satisfied and When Doing It All Is Undoing You

I couldn’t put this book down. I found myself squeezing in a chapter or page as much as I could throughout my days, feeling as though it was like water in a desert; feeling my heart rate slow and my mind rest and my soul become renewed. Sara beautifully reflects God’s heart through these pages, calling us to come, to be curious, to be gentle with ourselves as we learn to settle into God’s pace and His goodness in our lives, no matter our story or pains. This is a must read for any believer!

Alisa Keeton

Founder, Revelation Wellness; bestselling author, The Body Revelation 

“God has a purpose in our limits.” As a woman called to share the gospel in the “get better, faster, and stronger” world of health and fitness, I wish someone had taught me this kind of head-scratching, wonderful truth. My aging body wishes it knew then what Sara is teaching us now. In The Gift of Limitations, Sara does what she does best: give us cause to see a limitless God and His wonderous ways while feeling normal when constrained by endless piles of laundry, missing socks, and lost dreams. By the time your fingers turn the last page, you will know God’s kindness in what appears weak and out of reach.

Katie Davis Majors

New York Times bestselling author, Kisses from Katie

This book cracked my soul wide open in the best way. It’s for the dreamers, for the fixers, for the one who is ever-hopeful and in need of reassurance. If you are longing for a deeper look at the face and heart of Jesus, this is the book for you.

Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas, teaching pastor, Cherry Hills Community Church, Highlands Ranch, Colorado; author, Sacred Marriage, Cherish, Sacred Pathways, and Thirsting for God

This book is a lyrical masterpiece. Every paragraph reads like a poem, captivating in its truth and beauty. So many books tell us we can do more and be more; Sara suggests spiritual health may be found when we accept less and perhaps even do less. Rather than seeing our limitations as something to overcome, she eloquently makes the case that our limitations aren’t just gifts from God, but a reflection of God in the flesh. Beautiful.


Are you feeling stretched to your limits?

About The Book

Are you feeling stretched to your limits and wish those limits weren’t there at all? Bestselling author Sara Hagerty asks: “What if your greatest weaknesses–the areas of your life you resent the most, the places where you feel the most overextended and unfulfilled–are your doorway to rich intimacy with God? What if your limitations were, in fact, your greatest gift?”

It’s all too much. Too much laundry and too many bills. Too many appointments, meetings, and open tabs on our browser. Yet in the midst of so much, we feel deprived. Limited. We make another family dinner while shelving our passion for art. We tend our tiny patch of grass while envying the time our neighbor has to garden. We go to bed exhausted, too tired to enjoy a few minutes with our own thoughts.

As a writer, speaker, and mother of seven, Sara Hagerty knows what limitations feel like. Yet she has also seen how the boundaries of our life circumstances can bring about growth and satisfaction we’d never experience otherwise. With the poetic voice, gentle validation, and deep spiritual insights that have made Sara’s books so popular, The Gift of Limitations explores how to:

  • Name the limitations that haunt us and how we have unknowingly given them power
  • Open our eyes to what God can do with the weaknesses we resent
  • Discover what God’s Word says about living within our limitations
  • Understand what embracing our limits looks like in everyday life
  • Recognize when we are pushing ourselves too far
  • Understand how God sees weakness and how He has used it in the lives of great believers
  • Dream again while remaining tethered to God’s best story for us
  • Release the shame and frustration of our weaknesses

In The Gift of Limitations, you will learn to see the beauty and peace God provides in the midst of our life circumstances–and the deep spiritual growth we can experience through the limitations that we once thought held us back.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Inside the Fence Line: Seeing Our Limits

  1. The Ache Underneath Our Limits
  2. The Gift of Limits
  3. Storied: Our Unexamined Perspective
  4. A Brush with God

Part 2: Surrender: Dying to My Story and Receiving His

  1. The Myth of Dreaming with God
  2. Good Grief! The Power of Grief to Grow our Surrender
  3. Beautiful Boundary Lines

Part 3: Getting Practical: Living within Our Limits

  1. The Story Underneath Our Skin
  2. Slower Still: Embracing the Fence Line
  3. The Better Food for Our Disheveled Heads: The Beginnings of Limitlessness, within Our Limits

Part 4: The Wonder-Filled Benefits of Stepping into God’s Limitlessness, Limited

  1. Living Present
  2. A Better Way: Becoming Ourselves
  3. Something Beyond


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Understand how God sees weakness, why he allows it, and how he uses it in your life.


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