Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet

Tasting The Goodness Of God In All Things

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Every heart longs to be seen and understood. Yet most of our lives is unwitnessed. We spend our days working, driving, parenting. We sometimes spend whole seasons feeling unnoticed and unappreciated. So how do we find contentment when we feel so hidden?


In Unseen, Sara Hagerty suggests that this is exactly what God intended. He is the only One who truly knows us. He is the only One who understands the value of the unseen in our lives. When this truth seeps into our souls, we realize that only when we hide ourselves in God can we give ourselves to others in true freedom—and know the joy of a deeper relationship with the God who sees us.


Our culture applauds what we can produce, what we can show, what we can upload to social media. Only when we give all of ourselves to God—unedited, abandoned, apparently wasteful in its lack of productivity—can we live out who God created us to be. As Hagerty writes, “Maybe my seemingly unproductive, looking-up-at-Him life produces awe among the angels.”


Through an eloquent exploration of both personal and biblical story, Hagerty calls us to offer every unseen minute of our lives to God. God is in the secret places of our lives that no one else witnesses. But we’ve not been relegated to these places. We’ve been invited.


We may be “wasting” ourselves in a hidden corner today: The cubicle on the fourth floor. The hospital bedside of an elderly parent. The laundry room. But these are the places God uses to meet us with a radical love. These are the places that produce the kind of unhinged love in us that gives everything at His feet, whether or not anyone else ever proclaims our name, whether or not anyone else ever sees.


God’s invitation is not just for a season or a day. It is the question of our lives: “When no one else applauds you, when it makes no sense, when you see no results—will you waste your love on Me?”

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what others are saying about every bitter thing is sweet

Christy Nockels Headshot
“It is my great privilege to introduce you to my friend, Sara. This is a book for those hearts longing to see Him in the mess. It is Sara’s personal story, written with eloquence and grace, about a God who rescued her from barrenness and carried her to a land of abundance, dripping with milk and honey and all things His goodness. She teaches me again what I have already known; she teaches me to hope anew. He is the candle in the darkness, the Light that radiates glory and sprinkles new mercies every morning. My prayer is that as you read these words you would be drawn to a hope, to the Father, whose extravagant love never ceases to amaze.”


NYT Bestselling Author, Kisses from Katie

Christy Nockels Headshot
“With vulnerability and insight, Sara Hagerty shares her story and invites the deep parts of us to find the deep parts of Him, where life is found. It is a profound testimony to the love and goodness of an intimate and beautiful God.”


co-author of New York Times Bestseller Captivating

Christy Nockels Headshot
“Sara poetically takes us on a fresh, yet familiar journey – delays, pain, stress, loss – that leads us to the feet of the One whom our soul loves. Every Bitter Thing is Sweet is a tender cry for all of us to find His beauty in the middle of all of our frustrations, and a beautiful reminder that He sees us through it all. You will be deeply encouraged and moved by this stunning book.”


author of Anything and Restless and founder of If: Gathering

Christy Nockels Headshot
“With penetrating vulnerability and insight, Sara Hagerty brings us into the deep wrestling of our hearts in pain and delay, offering us the lifeline she found in the darkness: fellowship with the heart of Jesus. The gold of this book will leave you thirsting for more of God and equipped to find Him even in the hardest times.”


author, Deep unto Deep

Christy Nockels Headshot
Each year I choose a “best book of the year” to recommend or give to friends. This year my choice is clear, for Every Bitter Thing is Sweet is a life changer! Sara Hagerty has a depth in her soul, the tongue of a skillful writer, and an amazingly compelling story. Thank you, Sara, for giving us what we need the most, whether we realize it or not: more intimacy with this mysterious God who sees us, shapes us, and shows up in our life with “bursts of glory.”


Author of Idol Lies, The God of All Comfort, and The Friendships of Women

Christy Nockels Headshot
“In prose as lyrical as it is luminous, Sara Hagerty takes us on an unforgettable—and remarkably personal—journey into the gracious heart of Providence by expositing her struggles with marriage, infertility, and international adoption. At once passionate and intimate, Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet is a trail guide to the mysterious wilderness of faith and a confirmation of the treasures that await those who persist in walking the narrow road.”


Internationally bestselling author of The Garden of Burning Sand

Christy Nockels Headshot
Sara Hagerty in her book Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet has captured an unlikely route to joy. Instead of bitterness and resentment about her barrenness, Sara learned that out of something painful, something beautiful can grow. The book is like a garden of beauty that has so many blossoms of hope that were ‘birthed’ in her barrenness. What God taught Sara in her struggles will inspire any woman with a pulse.


Best-selling author of Lady in Waiting

Christy Nockels Headshot
Sara Hagerty’s journey from barrenness to abundance takes readers through droughts and valleys only to surprise us with streams of living water. Hers is a story of miraculous, persistent grace that makes me want to know God more deeply, especially through the hardest times.


author of Small Talk: Learning from my Children About What Matters Most and A Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Expectations, and a Little Girl Named Penny

Christy Nockels Headshot
“Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet is an exquisite love story between a woman and her God. Prepare to be swept away by Sara’s storytelling and by the God who loves her and you! This is one of my all-time favorite reads by one of my all-time favorite authors.”



“If you have struggled with the goodness of God in the valleys of life, then this book is for you. Sara beautifully paints how God gently and tenderly revealed Himself in the midst of her seasons of longing and waiting.”


daughter of Ruth Graham, granddaughter of Ruth & Billy Graham

Christy Nockels Headshot
“God is still in the business of giving beauty for ashes. Sara’s story proves it. Stunningly honest and moving. You don’t just read this book, you experience it.”


Co-Author of Hope for The Weary Mom

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“From page one, Sara’s poetic and vulnerable writing invites readers to truly experience the pain and redemption she has experienced and we can all relate to. Her hunger to experience God’s presence and description of what that looks like will inspire you to find God in every circumstance of your life, bitter and sweet, and lead others to do the same.”


Professional Track Athlete

Christy Nockels Headshot
“We sing it on Sundays and put it in greeting cards—God is good. But, we live our days not grasping that God is good to us; God is good to me. In her book, Sara poetically draws us into her story of loss, grief, and redemption and how God’s name was written over every word of it, drawing her to Himself and showing her that He is not only a good God but a God who is good to her, His treasured possession. You can’t trace her journey in Every Bitter Thing is Sweet without being pointed to the One who took her through it.”


The Sparrow Fund

About Sara Hagerty

Sara Hagerty is a lover of God, a wife to Nate, and a mother of seven-four adopted from Africa and then more through miracle pregnancies. She's also a bestselling author and speaker. As a lifelong admirer of words, Sara has experienced their power to revive. Raw words written in tearful honesty and shared with her readers. Words whispered in hidden places as conversation with God and worship to Him. Today Sara's words offer God's hope to readers facing unexpected life circumstances. You can follow her on Instagram @sarahagertywrites.


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