Middle Minutes Adoration

Friends, self-awareness impacts our God-awareness. And yet self-awareness is one of those vague, soft skills, that often gets overlooked as vital in our pursuit of God. See if you can relate to this: ⁣

Sometimes my Bible reads like the manual to my new oven (which is currently out of commision 🥴). ⁣

You too?⁣

And then I think: something is not right. The dryness and distance we feel when we pick up God’s Word isn’t merely because something is wrong with us and we “lack dedication.” ⁣

(Here’s where self-awareness comes in.)⁣

There were dozens of moments before we picked up our Bible (or, let’s be honest: thought to pick up our Bible but reached for our phone instead) that contributed to how we relate to the Person in those pages.⁣

Just like in my marriage, when I’m short with Nate, or I resist his gestures of affection, it’s not that our love has mysteriously grown cold. I have to trace it back to a thought or an exchange that made me brittle.⁣

God informs our understanding of ourselves and this understanding of ourselves helps us know how to receive Him. It’s not just God-awareness that’s lacking when my heart feels cold … it’s often God-informed self-awareness. (This is Psalm 139.)