Middle Minutes Adoration

There was a specific time in my life when I needed regular reminders of what God said about a particular area of fear in my heart. ⁣

I scoured my Bible for scripture and stories about it. I put it all in one place; this was not necessary, but it made scripture accessible for the frozen-fear moments that I couldn’t predict. ⁣

Numbed at the grocery store when I remembered this fear, I had a Moleskine in my bag with these verses that I could pull out in line rather than just buying an extra chocolate bar to slide onto the conveyor in hopes it would help me forget. I set it on my vanity as I blow-dried my hair (one of the regular times my mind wanders … and stalls).⁣

Though it was years ago, I picture myself still, blow-dryer in hand and saying under my breath:⁣

“Your Word says you are my strength, and I feel so unceasingly weak. Your Word tells me You are my rock and my fortress and my deliverer … and, as I read, I realize: I’ve been searching for false security or shutting down in fear and missing that I need this kind of deliverer. ⁣

Oh God, be my deliverer.⁣

I need a rock. I need something to hide me … and it’s You. ⁣

I adore You that when I want to run and hide, instead You meet me where I am and You hide me.”