Middle Minutes Adoration

This babe right here is my laughing, burping, (just now!) walking declaration: the best parts of God’s story in my life include weakness. She came just after my forty-second birthday, though I felt eighty as I carried her inside of me. (You ladies who delivered babies later in life all know what I mean.) She has slowed our family, interrupted plans we had for our big kids in their teenage years, made me less productive, hampered my writing rhythms, and littered my newly-out-of-the-baby-season floors with toys. And she is one of the very best things in my life.⁣

I could hear a dozen sermons about God moving through my weakness, memorize 2 Corinthians 12:9, preach it to my kids … but I needed to live this message before I absorbed it. If this is you — having weakness foisted upon you and feeling yourself want to revolt — let me be your big sister and say: it may be the nearest brush with God’s power that you’ve had yet. Watch for it.