Middle Minutes Adoration

⁣Many of us are waiting on much more than 2020 to end. I’m no expert on waiting, but I’ve logged months and years in the waiting room. Here’s what I’ve noticed: sometimes, when we wait on the “big” in our lives, we miss the wildly beautiful “small” He is doing.⁣⁣
If I look back on the wait of my infertility, the waiting for healing in our marriage, our adoption wait, and now my current wait, it’s as if He turned up my microscope each additional week in the waiting room. I saw things on the other side of that lens that I wouldn’t have noticed if the wait didn’t arrest me.⁣⁣
Friends who are waiting: pause with me in these last days of advent and ask Him to turn up the lens … to give you eyes to see the seemingly small that He is doing while you wait on what feels big.