Middle Minutes Adoration

The success of my day doesn’t depend on how my children behave, how much I get done, how available I am to my friends, how well I’ve written … or spoken … or performed.⁣

(Pause and re-read that. I have. Several times.)⁣

The success of my day depends on my connectedness to the Father. As believers, our success hinges on one word: abide. In other words: bring your racing heart close to the heart of God.⁣

So today, when your racing heartbeat tells you that you’re behind, or you missed it, or you’re failing: pause. Tell your weak heart what success is.⁣

This is adoration: Listen to the race of your heart — which reveals the true story of what’s happening inside of you. And then let His Word in, right there.⁣

Y’all: His Word heals decades of heart-racing that wants us to respond and react and shame ourselves into better behavior.