Middle Minutes Adoration

Let’s talk about capacity. We move things around in our schedule, multi-task like it’s a survival skill, and play tug-of-war with our sleep … as if we can somehow eke out another few minutes of “life” by forfeiting what our body craves. (And yet we still feel maxed.)⁣⁣
What if capacity was more related to what happens in our minds than what we cram into our schedule? Fifty-thousand thoughts a day race between my two ears – vying for my attention, lifting my mind, or tiring me … reminding me of what’s true or sending me spinning. Ya’ll: capacity is an issue of the mind and heart. I can have seven children and feel light … or two and feel overwhelmed.⁣⁣
Friends, we have so many anxious, fearful, cynical, hopeless thoughts in a day. (In an hour!) My ability to bring Him my murky thoughts and have Him give me His thoughts in return might be the sole determiner of my capacity. It’s the getting there that can feel so hard, right?⁣