Middle Minutes Adoration

January 1st is gloriously timed, coming after some of the most painful stretches for so many — when either passing dishes around the dining room table with those that have hurt you the most or a family text thread has to suffice when you can’t see the ones you love in person and it all leaves you wanting.

Press delete and move on seems to be the American way. Why stay any longer in the past when it hurt you? Why stay even a minute longer in pain when you have a dozen ways out?

Of course, all of us would press delete on that want and blindly accept the Hallmark promise that a new year offers.

Except “want” is the currency of the kingdom of God.

Hunger, yearning, desire — each of these plays a significant role in our growth in God.

So the “want” you remember from December is necessary for January to be what God intends for it to be for you.