Middle Minutes Adoration

So many of you are writing me, resonating with the notion of dying to our idealism. For almost 2 years, I’ve been trying to fit an old way of living into a new post-2020 world — forcing my chubby foot into a slipper that’s too tight. (This is a little flavor of idealism.)⁣

Daydreams of earlier years fill my head more than I acknowledge. I hear songs released as recent as 5 years ago and I linger too long in nostalgia, thinking it can somehow bring back more leisurely days and simpler times. Does this resonate with you?⁣

But I’m starting to see the expiration date on blind, wishful thinking, and I’m finding new value in being present to the moment God is giving me. Could it be that one of the benefits to putting our idealism to rest is our growing capacity to be present?