Middle Minutes Adoration

“Get it right” has kept many a parent from learning the in-the-moment whispers of God for their child — the whispers that contradict how their brain and experience tells them they should do it 🙋🏻‍♀️. In the same way, “get it right” keeps me from talking to God. I react, desperate to not make a mess of things (desperate to do it right).⁣

We are slaves to the gospel of “get it right … and get it right the first time,” more than any of us admit. Nate and I are currently parenting four teenagers, and God is using this stage of life to teach me about the pause. The power of a pause. The power of sliding away to a quiet place (which might be your laundry room, ’cause hardly anybody in this house wants to go in there 😉) and asking God for wisdom and input. ⁣

So much better than getting it right is going *with* God … is connecting to God as we go.