Is Now The Time?

How many times have I said it — thought it? This:

I’ll find Him when life slows down or this burden lifts or I have more time.”

It’s not just the lie of motherhood or of my college days or of the first-few-months-in-a-new job or of the five months before my own wedding or of the year where I, one day, plan my daughter’s wedding.

It’s the lie that can surface in any season that allures you to “put off” finding the very thing your heart was made to crave most. Him. (And now.)

To wait to seek Him when my load lifts—when these children aren’t so needy, when I finally get on top of the laundry, or when I’m able to get a meal out on time—means that I would miss the precise moment He’d ordained for me to find Him. Now.

Today is your day, friends.

And it’s mine.

He came for today. For you. And for me.

Want a place to press pause? To inhale? To pull-up and ask “how do I find Him, now, in this one mess of a moment?”

Book and baby

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Books in Grass

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And want a preview of what this book is all about {and a little nudge for why today — yes, today — is your day to seek Him and see Him, seeking you}? This may just be the four minutes you need this week:

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