How to See Light When the Day Is Dark

For many years, authors were my mentors.

Though they were not my only teachers, these ones — some long-dead and others, grayhaired sages of the faith –taught me with their lives. Their stories curled up with me late into the night and and on rainy afternoons when my own story hurt so much that another’s gave me vision.

I can’t directly thank Corrie Ten Boom or Amy Carmichael or even George Herbert for his lyrical praise (at least not yet). But there are greats of the faith, now, who live among us and call us to Him — as they call their own hearts to a faith that is beautifully radical on the inside.

Ann Voskamp is one of those. To write in a space that continues to stretch my mind, my heart and my pen is an enormous honor.

Today, I’m over there at Ann’s place talking about my favorite topic. Ever. Join me? —>