Can You Take a Minute — or four — to Breathe? {Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet Trailer}

Hey you — at full throttle — can you take a minute to breathe?

Your once-a-question is moving steadily towards an assumption: will today be like every other day this week? Is it just another one of those days …

… when dishes and laundry and carpool all have their cycles, one bleeding right into another, leaving out any satisfaction of completion.

… when children need you before the bus comes at 8:03 and co-workers need you all day, before you shut down your laptop at 6:15 and you return home to the needs you put on the bus 10 hours before. 

… when you figure a way to shove your heart down in your pocket so you can do this day without tears. Again.

… when he misses you and you miss him and you remember that the argument you had three days ago never really resolved itself — with him, or in your heart.

… when your hidden moments feel undocumented — lost, even — among all the noise around you.

Is it just another day where you feel twinges of hunger for Him but can’t quite figure out what to do with them? 

You, with your questions and your hunger and the seeds of zeal that are still there from days when life wasn’t so fast-paced and you had hope for something great for your life’s pursuit in Him … today is your day.


To be seen.

Today is His day.

To show you how He sees you and how He sees your tiny weak “yes” — your weak lean, towards Him — in this one mess-of-a-moment. 

Do you have four minutes? This might just be the re-boot you need …

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