What You Said {with August adoration printable}

“When my soul begins to tremble and I feel panic settling in, praying adoration has begun to un-strangle me. Praying God’s attributes back to Him has been a life-changing practice that has me falling even more in love with Jesus.”

This is one of the reminders I’ve had drop into my inbox that I’m not the only one being changed by adoring this God-Man. He’s moving you, too, in your closets and over your sinks and on your morning commutes. And another …

“I downloaded your July Adorations and began to focus my heart there, on Him, as I had my quiet times over subsequent days. THAT has been my rescue, the place of safety that has steadied my heart. IN THE MIDST OF MY FEARS. This is how I am learning to trust Him and keep the distance short between us.”

Is this your month to start adoring? If so, start here:


And then pop over here for daily reminders (all prettied-up by Mandie Joy :)) of His Word that un-tangles and un-strangles, when we see Him in it.

Maybe take it to your family — cuddle-up and look up:

Nightime Adoration

“I’m scrolling through the adorations.  My God is far too small … or maybe too big?  He’s more of the CEO of the world to me.  He signs my paycheck and takes care of me and is worthy of my respect because He could “fire” me but I never see Him and don’t believe He really cares about the minutia of my life.  I think that makes Him sad.  Anyway, I’m learning some adoration today.”

Are you still learning this practice of adoration? If so, try starting here:

How to Really Fall in Love

Or these:

Why I Adore

Showing Up

Morning Chai, Explained

I promise, your weary soul won’t regret it.