Simple Adoration

When life bulges — pushes, prods and stretches — simple adoration is my safe place. He has made for me a quiet alcove, in the loud years of raising littles, to remind me of all that is good.

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You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7**

When the world beckons me to be known, understood, I hear 

Your call from a back alley. “Hide,” You say. “Tuck away. I know just the place.”

And I breathe relief.

I lose myself and I find You, and in finding You, I find who I really am. This is safety. I am exposed, and yet fully loved. Hidden in all that is love. Understood by my Maker, I am whole. 

That same old song, playing on repeat over my days, speaks defeat. Loss. But in the alcove You have made for me, under the shadow of all that is You, is the Orchestra of ages. It surrounds little me with love’s triumphant anthem.

I can hide now, even now. I can hear Your whispers now, even now. I can soak in perfect preservation from my flesh and from the world and from all the forces working to unravel, even now.

I worship You, God that I hide inside. I love You, Creator of safety. I adore You, Deliverer. 


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