You Made Me to Marvel

I can’t add more to God.

My words — even the most God-inspired of them — are like a drop of water in the ocean of His depth.

As I sit down to write my Monday morning adoration, the praise that’s been bouncing around in my head for days, I feel like a child pulling out a crumpled pencil sketch from deep within my pocket. Beauty?

It’s nothing compared to the One who is beauty.

But everyone needs a starting place. And our God is one who takes pleasure in even the measly attempts of His children to erect pillars of worship in the midst of their everyday rubbish.

Because pockets of beauty eventually become a tapestry. And if I wait until my adoration is eloquent or my moment’s praise matches the timeless breath of God on page, I’ll be forever “on deck.”

There is no better time than right now to adore. Even this moment of praise is pleasurable for my Daddy…

John 5:20 For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all thing that He Himself does; and He will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel.**

Relationship. You are a God of relationship, relating to Your Son since the beginning of time, made manifest to us when He broke into earth.

How can I see You as distant, removed, when I stare into the exchange between You and Your Son? You are a Daddy who engages. First with Him, and then with us. We learn from Him how to see You and You reveal Yourself to Your Son as a picture of the revelation You offer to His offspring.

We are heirs of this relationship, heirs of intimacy.

He went first and, by His request, we follow.

Love, to You, was revelation. You peeled back the heavens and showed even Your Son, who had access to all that was in the Father, greater works. Impartation happened through relationship — through love. You could have easily made the knowledge of Your works and all the things You do in a transactional mode, but You chose the medium of love by which to communicate them.

God of love, You are redefining what I’ve known to be love. You are redefining what I have known to be Christianity.

Love is communion. It is intimacy. It isn’t the transfer of knowledge so that I might be more knowledgeable, but it’s fodder for marveling.

God, You made me to marvel. Really, God? You reached down from heaven through the flesh of Your very Son and invited a love which surpassed understanding. This is where love was ignited. Relationship between God and man was initiated between God and the God-Man. You showed us how to love You by the way You loved Your Son. His love, in return, is our rubric.

When I wrap my mind around even just an inkling of this understanding, how can I not worship? How can I not want to climb deeper into the caverns of Your heart? How can I not want a deeper encounter with You? I am foolish to accept this place where I am now as “enough”, when I get just a simple taste of the kind of love You had for Your Son and the template which that is for me.

Your love is dynamic. It is ever-unfolding, never quite grasped, complex. And it is within me — because Your Son is within me. I can marvel at that! I am nothing and live so aware of my failings, yet You are forever moving and stirring up love within my void. I am only at the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of understanding this love, so other.

You are so other, God, and I worship You.

A God who made His children to marvel …who is this God? You delight in my marveling. You enjoy when I stand in awe. You created me to emote. Everything in me which resists in engaging in intimacy is, instead, activated when I truly look at You. I cannot look deep within You, and the relationship of dynamic love You had with Your Son, and not be stretched to know love, stretched to know You more.

God who made me to marvel, I worship You. God who tore the veil between You and me — between my cold heart and the warmth of Your engaging — with the flesh of Your Son, I praise You.

One little brush with You and I worship.

And to think, there is so much more on which I can marvel.


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