A New-Home Welcome

As you can see, my space to write has found a new home, thanks to my ever-patient husband.

The content won’t change — except for a new corner booth I’ll explain in a minute — but the venue has received a face lift.

And, like any new home, there may be some mismatched corners, and sloppy paint, but my husband has a friend named Google who, apparently, is fairly knowledgeable. He’ll help to work out the kinks eventually.

Anyway, because I’m hopelessly addicted to my GPS, I’ll go ahead and be the sitemap for others, like me, who need it spelled out:

The homepage is where my regular, several times a week (until we bring these children home :)), blog posts will appear. For those of you who want to view this in your google-reader, please update our web address to read www.EveryBitterThingIsSweet.com and check back in a few days here to make sure it’s coming through. If you’d like to subscribe by email, enter your address in the box to the right.

If you’re kind enough to link to my blog, would you update the address?

The sidebar labeled Latest Morning Chai Devotion has an explanation. For those of you who subscribe by email or in a reader, who want to join me in adoration each day (or let’s be realistic, every day or two — whenever I can get them up), this section of the blog requires a separate subscription. Put this address: www.EveryBitterThingisSweet.com/posts/chai in your reader. Or you may also find the handy subscription box over there to the right, as well.

The bottom of this page gives kudos to my friends the photographers who have made this site a lot more appealing than my amateur shots could have done. Lucy promises there is more to come and I couldn’t be more excited!

It also has links for the other places I’ve found a writing home.

Finally, my designer-friend Dara (send me a comment if you want her contact info — she does amazing work), created the header and link button on the right-hand side. If you’ve been touched by Him through this blog, grab and post! (This is about as promotional as I can get on here without wanting to shrink back like a middle-school wall flower.)

Why the move? I don’t really know. For as much as I revel in having a sense of direction, my writing is still, in many ways, a mystery to me.

I asked and He said “go for it.”

So I did.

May it all — every last corner of it — be for His glory.

My prayer for this space is that, by coming, you would know Him more. And  that, by writing, I would know Him more.