The Daily God

He is better than a Saturday morning chai latte.

I’m trying to type through tear-matted eyelashes. It’s one of those more-rare-than-I’d-like mornings where God broke in. And today He’s been telling me how He is the daily God.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits. Psalm 68:19

I overslept and cut my Saturday morning long run down to a sprint (except my pace didn’t change). Barreling through the door after my run, I made smoothies, pulled out ballet clothes, did hair and showered in what felt like 7 minutes. And then I escaped to the prayer room.

For years, I tuned in to the IHOP webstream from 9 until 11 (Eastern) on Saturday mornings and listened to one of my favorite worship leaders remind me of the truths God had already been speaking into my heart. What he sang in song often mirrored what God was writing on my life.

Now I just drive the 9 minutes and tune in by sitting alongside about 200 others, all relishing a few quiet moments on a Saturday to ask God what’s on His heart.

And this morning, God touched almost all of my senses. The 10+ piece band played the old hymn “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” Something about strings, whether accompanied by words or not, brings my mind and heart in unison. I have my Pandora set to “string quartet” many days while I write and read, just to tap into this part of how God hardwired me.

And today, it all came together.

Like most times when my little spirit comes alive, His most simple truth set me soaring. God is a whole-life God. He is working for the end and from the beginning. He is over all parts of my life with its entirety in mind. He weaves together seasons to bring about the greater good in me. But this doesn’t trump His ability to break into my “daily.” In fact, they run concurrent.

He is the Father with words for my now. Yes, even in my Saturday family day. The park. Visiting with friends. An apple cider run. They are all waiting for just one of His breaths. Supple with opportunity for Him.

And if my heart will just stay in this still place, amid all the activity, I will receive the grand unloading of benefits. More joy, more life, more hunger for God, more vision for my children, more adoration of my husband. All are possible for today.

Eden’s ballet class is ending in 15 minutes. My sprint through empty streets this morning rolled over into a sprint in the prayer room.

And He met me.

I can’t wait to see what else He has for my day.