God has been using all sorts of things to awaken long-dormant senses in me.

Recently, I read this excerpt from A Praying Life by Paul Miller: “Desert life sanctifies you. You have no idea you are changing. You simply notice after you’ve been in the desert awhile that you are different.”

In taking inventory after a few years of being in the desert, I can’t help but see change. Parts of me, that I didn’t realize had atrophied, are now regaining strength and others, maybe never fully used, are beginning to function as they should.

God is alluring me as I believe He always has been, but strangely my chemistry has been altered and I seem to be more fully receiving it.

At times I’ve felt like I’ve been caught in a deep undercurrent. A step in one direction and my legs were whisked out from underneath me. He took me where I didn’t intend to go, but the ride is better than any I could have plotted. At other times, it’s been a faint hue, almost like a subtle change in barometric pressure. But I notice it. I’m now absorbing it.

And somehow an increased capacity for absorbing the Father’s alluring love has opened my pores to also receive in new depths from some of his delegates. I have hope for any marriage when I look at ours that’s catching new wind after almost nine years. This probably wasn’t the first re-boot and certainly won’t be the last. But at the moment it’s profound.

I love my husband and lately his love for me has felt like that rip-tide. Only by the miraculous hand of God has he been able to not only endure me, but take me out deeper.

God’s love is a pretty sweet thing, especially when He sends reinforcement.