The Joys of Adoption

My sister-in-law told me a great story just after we shared with her our news to adopt. I think this was from a missionary friend of hers. The friend had two children (at least who were present in this story) — one that was adopted and one who was biological. As they fought in the way that siblings often do, her friend heard this:

Biological child:  “I’m mom and dad’s real child.”

Adopted child: “Well, at least mom and dad chose me.”

Everytime I visit a friend with a newborn and hear as they recount (not necessarily in detail) the hours and minutes leading up to the birth and the details of the resulting child that emerges, I think what a demonstration of the glory of God.

And just today as I saw a video that a set of adoptive parents created for their 10-year-old future daughter to view just after she received news of parents in the states waiting to bring her “home” I again thought what a demonstration of the glory of God.

Those of the earth even officially tagged as “abandoned”, “relinquished” — marked with what may seem like a forever statement of their lack — are given the beauty of a new family, a new home. But, even more real to me right now, someone like me — like us — flawed, sinful, still stumbling to get our bearings, being granted the mantle of redemption of the God of the universe for these little children.

Oh, would He let us do that? Would He let us be bearers of His hope for the hopeless and His enveloping arms for the suffering?

I can’t help but pray who am I, oh God, that you would first let me “suffer” through the wait, the delay, the angst of not knowing when I would bring my children home so that I might first know you more by partaking in your suffering as you wait on the redemption of this earth … and then let me behold first-hand even just one of your little ones knowing what it means to be … chosen.

Our children are set apart for a display of His glory.

While I know there is a tangible impact of adoption on this earth, and in their lives … my mind can’t help but wander to the sites and sounds of heaven as even just one of these children which the enemy wanted to mark for death, is salvaged for a display of His glory.

This is holy ground He has laid out.

And tonight I am overwhelmed that He’s allowed us to have front row seats.