The Lone Blog Post?

After months of not posting, the task of starting up the blog again has only grown more daunting. For two reasons, mainly:

1) The months since we last posted and really the past year plus has been one I think we’ll look back on for the rest of our lives as being one of the most formidable. Trying to put words to the deep refining work of God is nearly impossible for me. A friend sent me an article today about the complexity of God and the simplicity of faith. Amen.

I feel impotent when it comes to fully expressing the expanse of the love of God that has opened up before me. And yet at the same time I could probably fill an entire post by just typing “God is good, and I barely know Him” — as it relates to faith and following God — over and over again.

So, as for the blog I’ve opted for the approach to girls my brother took in high school and college: “Do nothing” [and I think the unspoken second part of that was — “and let them come to you”].

Well, he got married this weekend. Maybe this starting up our blog again has a prophetic correlation 🙂

2) Because I have a little bit of an organizational/systematic bent to my life … the thought of starting up the blog again brought with it pressure to keep posting. It’s sort of like having a diary. For most people, there is no expectation associated with starting a diary or journal — it’s just an outlet. For me, on the other hand, I find that my prayers become longer (in writing) and my handwriting bigger when I’m nearing the end of a journal. I mean, you can’t stop writing before you’ve gotten to the last page.

So … now that I’ve given myself the freedom to create this post, without any expectation that I’ll ever post again and the general understanding that it is OK if the next time people hear from us about our adoption is when they get the announcement, complete with pictures of our new family, in their mailbox … I can post again. At least once.

Some of you looking to kill time have noticed that we haven’t ended all activity on this blog and in the lower right-hand corner you’ll see that we are #1 on the wait-list! This means that any day (or six months from now) we will be getting a phone call from our agency letting us know that our children have been identified.

I suppose it’s fitting that just about the time we arrived in 1st place on the wait-list I found my first gray hair.

God is good.