Summer Nights

I am writing to update you that we have no update. There are some things in the works — but nothing that is yet blogable. (Ooh, the mystery:))

The past weeks and months have been on the intense side in the Smith* home as the path to the finish line has become a bit muddled. For those of you unfamiliar with the adoption world I will say this is not uncommon. Although I seem to remember a story or two about a smooth adoption, more instances than not I’ve heard about situations like ours … delay upon delay upon delay.

What may add to the mix is that Nate and I, not entirely unwittingly, have spent months praying …God, we want to know more of You. Refine us, change us, mold us into Your image. . . whatever it takes.

I think it worked.

Needless to say, the mood in our home has been a bit sober, at moments somber — interspersed with spontaneous, but necessary, fits of dancing. Yes — all my past roommates/housemates — I haven’t quite shaken the performer inside of me.

So tonight I have chosen to enjoy the sweet, simple-but-tangible, treasure that God has given me for the past few months: summer nights. I’ve turned off the air (shhh…don’t tell Nate), cracked the windows and am fixing myself a cup of tea.

In just a few short months (please God not long months) this house is going to feel totally different at this time of night. What now feels like a nightly routine will then become a necessary haven in the midst of a whirlwind called motherhood. And although I can honestly say I never thought I would long for something this side of eternity so much (raising children) … tonight I’ve settled into knowing that for whatever reason it’s just not time yet.

I know I’ll fall asleep though with the same prayer I have almost every night … Jesus bring them home.


*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals 🙂 (I’m funny, aren’t I?)