Becoming a daughter

My mind naturally wanders to how dramatically these girls’ lives will change when in our home. A friend who’s sister recently adopted from Ethiopia commented on the adult appetites in these children her sister has brought home — they don’t yet know what it means to feel full. (And, let’s be honest, I’m not sure if I do either :)).

Their lives have been dramatically altered. My girls’ lives, too, will be never again the same.

As I sit here, again, listening to the web stream from the International House of Prayer while the singers are lingering on choruses about the love of God for me I realize I do have a context for this life-change these girls will experience in a little less than a year.

With God, everything is accessible to me … at least everything that lasts. With Him I can have a fulfilling life. With Him there is true rest for my anxious soul. With Him my cluttered mind has peace … and my heart has security.

These girls will not have done anything to earn their place in our home as a Hagerty child, just like I have done absolutely nothing to earn the glory and beauty of a God who is making me new everyday. I guess I just simply said “yes” to Him.

It seems like everyday I’m reminded of who I was — or am struggling to not be. I get easily frustrated. I can be really judgemental towards other people and sometimes I feel like my arrogance is like a dark cloud over all my thinking. But it’s in times like this that I see Him covering over all my warts with the beauty of His holiness. It’s a name-sake thing. I didn’t earn this name — He gave it to me. Just like our girls, overnight, will go from being orphans to being our daughters …