2010 in Review

“Please Adopt” read the sign about 100 yards from the turn into our new neighborhood those months ago. Car weighted-down by the caterpillar car-top carrier we inherited from Nate’s parents, and our hearts heavy with expectation, we saw it just before we pulled into our new home for the first time as a family. Of course,  it was intended to remind me of the need to keep our nation’s roadways clean — but to me, instead, it was a prophetic banner.

Adoption is woven into my DNA, yet if you caught me on a day when I wasn’t thinking about it, I would forget my children are former orphans.

2010 marks our first full year as a family. On January 1st of last year, my children padded down the stairs of my sister’s house in their footy pajamas, ready to welcome in the new year with their new cousins. And twelve months later, on December 31st, I tucked them into those same guest beds, except this time they drifted to sleep satisfied that they had fulfilled their duty as Maddie’s cousins on her birthday. Last year, birthday celebrations were a new experience. Cakes, candles and presents unfamiliar to them. This year they belted out the lyrics of “Happy Birthday” with ownership. ‘Cause Hagerty’s celebrate.

So my 2010 album doesn’t include as many “firsts” as did my album from the year before, but it’s just as significant.

Caleb is looking more and more like Nate (as much as a boy with brown skin could resemble his white-skinned father). And Eden’s flair for the dramatic continues to give my mom a sense of restitution; finally I understand the road she walked with me. Nature versus nurture? It’s both. They are ours. My miracle delivery, whose birth canal bridged two separate continents, reveals the creativity of our God.

Below is our year in review. His year in review.

Well, more like our creative “outtakes” since this blog already has so many of our best photos.

For those of you who are called, but who haven’t yet taken the plunge, maybe these will be a tangible testimony that despite challenges there is rich fruit waiting on the other end of that decision. Like the sign outside of our neighborhood, another nudge that says “please adopt.”

For the rest of you, I invite you to celebrate with us the God who gave us these two (whose adoption day is now a very past tense occurrence). ‘Cause Hagerty’s celebrate.

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11 Responses to “2010 in Review”

  1. Juli Evans on

    thank you so much for sharing your 2010 with all of us! your pictures make me ache for our embassy date to get here so that we can bring our boys home from Ethiopia and begin our first year together as a family of 6!

  2. karen hemmer tarbell on

    Wow, Sara! Your kiddos just keep on getting more & more adorable, which is hard to believe because they were so darned cute to begin with! Congrats on this past year of blessings, and may 2011 bring an even greater outpouring of God’s grace & mercy in your lives. I know you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of your new children, along with all the challenges & adjustments that will be part of that experience. Please keep writing your wonderful blog, it is a constant source of such joy, inspiration, & blessing to me and others. Hugs, Karen

  3. Kristin on

    Abundant blessings to you FOUR as you wait word on your ‘new additions’! What a gift your writing ability is…..you creatively craft words into sentences which provide vignettes to peek into the joy-filled adventure you are on…..thank you! We are all part of His family and I look forward to the day, we can all rejoice together!

    May your 2011 ‘cup’ overflow with God’s prosperity and grace!
    Happiest of New Years…….your sister in Christ,

    Kristin Webb

  4. emariestar on

    Thank you for sharing…I am so excited to bring our daughters home in a few months (we have court next month it ET!), and this makes me even MORE excited (if that is even possible!). =)
    I agree with Karen’s comment above that your blog is a source of inspiration and blessing. It continues to provoke me.

  5. Meg on

    It’s pretty striking how much Caleb resembles Nate, and I think I see your smile in Eden’s. Thanks for keeping up the blog so well. It’s so nice to keep up with you with so many states in between us.

  6. Lauren T on

    Thank you for sharing these pictures – it is a testament to the One who is so beyond comprehension yet meets us and gives us intimacy and joy beyond compare – and I can see it in the eyes of your children. I cannot wait for your two other children to come and join with the Hagertys in 2011! And see these Hagertys celebrate!!

  7. Nate on

    So, I just discovered that there are “hidden pictures” in there, if you actually click on the photos and scroll through. You’ll see even more, including one I’m glad didn’t make the “cut”!

  8. Eunice on

    I was showing my mom the pics of your family from your blog last time I was home. And she said, “are you sure he’s adopted?! he looks just like his dad!” Isn’t that funny? It is true, I do think your guys look alike!

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